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Australian Christian Brotherhood is an organization that is devoted to assisting those in their quest for an Anabaptist church in Australia. Our vision is that there should be Godly churches planted in Australia that are following the Scriptures, not only in what they believe and say, but also in everyday living and practice!

Churches and various brethren in the United States who have a vision for spreading the Gospel in other countries sponsor the Australian Christian Brotherhood organization by providing prayer support, along with funds for needs when necessary. In August 2003, a family moved from the States to be able to assist families who were seeking fellowship and encouragement. Since then, a church fellowship has been established in Queensland, with services each Lord’s Day for local people, and anyone else who wants to attend.

It is amazing how God has opened up doors for ministering: literature distribution; providing Biblical curriculum for families and schools; developing relationships with people in town and speaking with individuals who have questions or comments; and so many more.

The motif for the ministry of Australian Christian Brotherhood is “we are labourers together with Christ”. Our desire as we labour, is to plant small seeds of encouragement among the saved as well as leave a testimony of what God can do to those who are lost. It is God who gives the increase!

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