Gympie Anabaptist Fellowship is a church fellowship committed to assisting those in their quest for an Anabaptist church in Australia. Our vision for Australia is to see Biblical, God-honouring churches established across the country, made up of believers who are willing to follow the Lord at all costs.

Currently, our ministry is carried out through free literature, the Life and Light Bookstore, Sunday services, Bible studies. We believe that every Christian has a calling from the Lord which is exercised throughout everyday living. As the salt and light of the earth, the Lord’s desire for His children is to see them compel sinners to repentance and to lift up other believers in encouragement and love.

The motif for the ministry of Gympie Anabaptist Fellowship is “we are labourers together with Christ”. Our desire as we labour, is to plant small seeds of encouragement among the saved as well as leave a testimony of what God can do to those who are lost.It is God who gives the increase!